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About Bernay IMC

Your partners and companions in creating a brand which standout in the space.

We, Team Bernay IMC, are only assistants. It is you who create and run the business, and we simply help to make it more effective by using media tools, internet technologies, and social media solutions. Our team has combined the experience of over 35 years in the field of Public relations, media management, and brand building across the spectrum. PR agency is our business and we understand that it's core part of yours too. We’re here to help shape your image, reach your business goals, increase brand trust and ensure positive media coverage that ultimately delivers real returns for your business.


We live in a media-saturated world serving us a constant stream of information and data, vying for our attention and engagement. Tapping into the advantages of this new age is no mean feat. The complexities of managing perceptions, gaining support, raising awareness, mobilizing action and creating a positive public image are becoming increasingly more difficult in an information free-for-all. But fear not. That’s where we come in. We are here to make sure your public image serves your needs.

Our team of passionate media relations specialists will use their expertise to contact the right media outlets in order to tell your story, increase your visibility and boost public recognition of your brand. Whether your ultimate goal is to sell a product, influence public opinion or crusade for an important social cause – we have the tools to ensure it succeeds. We are millennial in age, multi-generational in mindset, innovative in performance and forward-thinking in outlook. Our greatest strength is our ability to develop and execute purpose-driven activations that connect communities, organizations, and businesses to achieve large-scale impact. We use an in-house, integrated model to engineer compelling stories to reflect our client’s brand precisely, on and offline.

More people than ever before are living their lives online. That’s where your target audience is hanging out – so why not reach out to them? We’ll develop a digital strategy according to your aims and objectives, design and manage your online platforms, and provide the best content to reach your audience in the most effective way.

Reputation Management

Visibility is only good if it enhances your reputation and increases revenue. Make no mistake, people do in fact believe everything they read online.

So we encourage brands & organizations to share their positive reviews, stories, articles, forum comments, Facebook posts, tweets, and blogs to enhance your brand and cement your reputation. We’ll work our PR magic and use our media relations to develop content that enhances your brand favorability.

Crisis Management

As Warren Buffet aptly put it: ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it’. In fact, multiple channels and social media chatter means it’s really just a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ it will all go sideways.

We understand the threats companies and brands face in a digital world that demands complete transparency and total devotion to customers’ expectations. This goes beyond effective communication. It’s about listening and responding thoughtfully. Its understanding that crisis management is not only about preventing bad things from happening; it’s about making sure they don’t get worse. We will provide immediate, professional, discreet, creative and flexible crisis management services, and we’ll work together to navigate your brand to a safe harbor.


New and social media

We understand that social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others, provide a real opportunity to build brand awareness, deliver messages to key audiences, and drive website traffic.

We will create a social business strategy with a clear vision of how social media can work for you across multiple platforms, delivering a seamless brand strategy and effective broad reaching campaigns.

The value added our goal and daily work.

The name Bernay IMC is named after the father of Public Relations in early 1900 however with evolution and recent technological interventions Public Relations has become an integrated business. This also indicates that we have combined several key business areas to make their total volume greater than taken separately. This is how value addition has been created. We achieve this by developing solid web solutions, traditional media solutions and custom-made solutions for serious business and brands.


Technology is changing, and we change along with it.

We are constantly monitoring global trends and fashions in Internet solutions development. We try to make the projects that are not only in working order and fully functional, but that are also solid, respectable, and will make a significant contribution in promoting the client's brand.

Your company‘s good name and image, the value added to your business, technological challenges and innovation help the Bernay IMC to maintain and continually enhance the level of customer service.

2500+ People trust Bernay IMC

Public Relation is our business.

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