Bernay IMC

India is services driven economy which contributes to GDP as high as 54% and very low on manufacturing 18.32%. Compare this to forward economies where manufacturing is as high as 45%. With all forms of education widening so is PR where there is a continuous churning out of talent year on year. While services sector is a multitasking job hence this portfolio becomes an add on responsibility, but if there is increase in manufacturing sector even a Rs 100 crore facility can accommodate 4-5 people who could be part of PR/Brand/Communication team.
What is hindering manufacturing?
Manufacturing needs land which is only available in rural parts and this is a huge setback for one who is keen to set up his facility. Since the land comes under state Govt acquisition is cumbersome process. This is where India needs a political will. Policy makers must address this effectively.
The next big challenge
Students who opt for these streams are urban savvy and don’t opt for jobs in remote locations. Hence they hunt for opportunities in cities where manufacturing is limited and end up with PR/Digital agencies. Students representing reputed institutions get absorbed by the premium agencies while others compromise for smaller agencies. However we notice that many universities have flagged of MBA courses with specialization in marketing and communications.